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To celebrate the home entertainment release of popular TV show Defiance, Capsule Computers alongside Oz Comic Con and Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment would like to give you the chance to win the Defiance Season One DVD and two tickets to Oz Comic Con when it comes to your state. Nine runner-ups will also receive a copy each of the DVD.

Starring Australian actor, Grant Bowler (Blue Heelers, Always Greener, LostDefiance is the dramatic new Sci-Fi epic that kept viewers glued to their screens. Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Defiance tells the story of courage and survival in a world filled with peril. Defiance is out now on DVD, as well as Blu-ray. Again, please note that this comp is solely for the DVD release.

To enter, please answer the following question in our comments section below.

How would you survive in the futuristic, perilous world of Defiance?

This competition will close on July 12th. Make sure you use a valid email when you register with Disqus before posting your comment so we can email you if you are one of our winners. If you choose to enter by logging in with your Facebook account, your email is not required.

Our thanks to the fine folks at Oz Comic Con and Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for enabling this competition, and good luck to everybody!


Competition is open to Australian Residents only.

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I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (w/ major in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.
  • Jade o

    Grant Bowler is like the Liam Neeson of Australia, he fought crime in Mount Thomas, knew who The Mole was, knows how to deceive Border Control.. he certainly has a lot of special skills so I shall make him responsible for my life!

  • Kristina

    I;m a mum, I have eyes in the back of my head, a built in lie detector and theres nothing I have seen, touched or smelled. Nothing scares me

  • Renee German

    I think I’d pull an Ash from “The Evil Dead”, replace my hand with a chainsaw and make smarmy quips at every opportunity. It may not prolong my life in any way but at least I’d go out with style.

  • Sean Warhurst

    Two words – Alien porn. In a world where aliens live amongst us, Rule 34 will be totally in play and there’ll be a niche market for inter-species erotica that I’d fully take advantage of a use to fund a relatively lavish lifestyle, using the cash to buy protection and purchase a reinforced safehouse with ample food supplies and fresh water. I’ll be like Hugh Hefner, only squickier.

  • Just like in Predator and Terminator, the untrained like me, have a hope of survival if they stick with the hero!

  • Katrina Stubbs

    I’d survive by sticking close to the leader and do as he says.Not going to be like some airheaded bimbo who doesn’t do as she is told.Will use my brain.

  • Christina

    I would bring my sense of humour, thicken up my skin and work on my Ninja skills.

  • daniela barbaro

    im A headstrong woman with a gemini star sign who dosnt take shit from nobody, the creatures would be scared to approch me

  • Roberto Colombi

    Get the likes of Bruce Willis, JCVD, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the equivalent from the Votans and kick some sense into everyone to work together and get out of the crap our predecessors landed us in

  • Marie Pohnetalova

    Keep my head down and my sucking up to the tough guys to a premium

  • klo

    Id just be my normal weird self

  • Mikaela Cowan

    Run for my life!

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