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Anyone  living in Beijing China, the fifth annual Slash Only #5 event took place today! So as always, it was another perfect excuse for the Capsule Computers Crew to attend and cover the event, this time in more ways than one.  Slash Only #5 event was open to the public, with tickets being sold online and also a small amount at the door for 50RMB (approx $10USD/AU) per person. So it certainly was a very affordable price if you’re a Dojinshi/comic book fan eager to pick up the latest Dojinshi’s and pop culture merchandise from popular TV shows, movies and games from the US and UK “Only.” Yes you heard that right.  Slash Only only focuses on US and UK stuff and absolutely NO Japanese Anime, shows, games or movies were sold at the event.


Slash Only #5 was held at Beijing Workers Stadium on two floors (level 1 and Level 3). A total of 1,000 tickets were made available to the public via online purchasing.  As we’ve come to expect from Slash Only events, the organization was fantastic and the staff were very helpful.  The event started at 9:00am in the morning, and once the doors opened, the mad rush was on for young and old as the fans, who quickly filled up the event hall, lining up to buy their favourite Slash Only Doujinshi and merchandise.


As always, the Slash Only event organizers offered everyone attending a chance to pick up and collect the Slash Only trading card game cards, which are similar to other card games like Magic The Gathering. These cards were not for sale this year, but were given away to the fans once they purchased merchandise from any of the vendor booths. This has always been certainly a great little incentive cooked up by the organizers (GA EXPO)  for the fans who enjoy collecting these cards (myself included).


Today’s event drew an impressive amount of Cos-Play characters dressed up from a variety of US and UK TV shows, movies and hames. I personally took the time this time to plan ahead and prepare and organise my own cos-play outfit and chose to dress up as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. You can check out my work above and all the event and cos-play images below in the gallery. We also have a link to our full gallery images hosted on Facebook and Weibo. A lot of effort and time was certainly spent into some of these outfits, which I must say were very interesting and well designed and organised. Once again, Slash Only #5 event was a fantastic success and we look forward to covering Slash Only 6 early next year in 2015. Click on the link below to be taken to our Facebook gallery page for Slash Only #5 Event. *note* only 20 images are present below.  Full gallery of 150 images can be viewed on our Facebook and Weibo pages.  Click on the links below to check them out.

Slash Only 5 Event 2014 Gallery on Facebook

Slash Only 5 Event 2014 Gallery on Weibo

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