Dragon Ball: Xenoverse New Gameplay And Character

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Bandai Namco and Dimps are having alot of fun teasing the details of their new title Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, choosing to tease yet another mystery character this time in the form of a rather evil looking silhouette. The character is pictured in front of the ‘Time Vault’ which could mean they have some control over time or will also be travelling back in time. Either way the introduction of yet another original character means that the developers are taking this original story seriously and that alot of work will be going into it, which is a good sign for the game.

We also have a few more gameplay videos courtesy of the Japan Expo that is happening right now over in France. You can watch Goku Vs Vegeta and Goku Vs Cell. Some of the highlights include Goku and Vegeta transforming in real time, some kamehemeha victories and a slight closer look at stage destruction. You can tell from a few chinks in the gameplay and camera that the game is still in early alpha as the developers are stressing but it is still looking very impressive. We also got a sneaky look at the character select screen and stage select screen, which leads us to believe that over 24 characters will be present as well as 24 stages. You can view the videos form the expo below.

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  • Jason Thornhill

    Could it be The God of Time?

    • People are thinking that definitely. We could be getting a good piece of Dragon Ball Online content in this game which is great as Toriyama created it!

      • Jason Thornhill

        Especially the time travel quests, they may have realised that dbo was a good place to start, giving fans something fresh, shame it never kicked off world wide

        • yeah it sucked it was Korea only, Im not sure why they didnt give it a go Im sure it would have taken off worldwide. Hopefully some elements live on through Xenoverse

  • Zetsu #ThenewRojai®

    it may be the god after bills

    • Definitely could be. Lots of interesting theories at this time.

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