Criminal Girls: Invite Only to be given a censored release in the West

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While the other two announcements NIS America made during their panel at Anime Expo this year were expected, the localization of Criminal Girls: Invitation under the name Criminal Girls: Invite Only was not one of them. However they did indeed surprise those in attendance and their fans worldwide by announcing that they will be localizing this game for release in North America and Europe in spring 2015.

However it seems that these cheers soon turned into anger when it was announced that, similar to Mugen Souls, NIS America had “edited certain aspects of the game.” It quickly was revealed what these parts were when the announcement trailer was released and it is the mini-game pictured above. The original uncensored version of the debut trailer can be found here.

That being said, exact details about what was censored have not been revealed at this moment and we can likely expect more details on that front soon. Moving on from that, Criminal Girls: Invite Only is an updated version of a PSP game that allows players to explore the depths of Hell with a gang of female delinquents as they try to free themselves from their Sins. NIS America describes the title as follows:

Seven delinquents, seven sins, and only one way out. Just hired for a new, mysterious job, you soon discover that this isn’t your normal prison gig. You’ve been entrusted with the care of a crew of girls whose sins have damned their souls to Hell and an eternity of punishment… Their only hope of salvation is for you to recognize their unique histories, and to guide them along the path to redemption. Navigate through the four trials of the Redemption Program, and motivate your crew of delinquents to learn the skills to redeem themselves, or leave them to their fate.

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