AirMech Arena Receiving Closed Beta on Xbox 360

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Ubisoft and Carbon Games have announced that AirMech Arena, the fast-paced, real-time strategy free to play game,  will be receiving a closed beta on the Xbox 360 starting from July 23rd. The closed beta will include all of the features slated for release with the full game, including single-player, multiplayer cooperative and multiplayer competitive gameplay for teams of two to three players. Teamwork is vital to succeed in multiplayer and co-op as players must work together to defend their fortresses against an onslaught of relentless enemies. In AirMech Arena, players command giant transforming robots that fight to capture and protect bases while building colossal armies to take on waves of enemies. As players conquer fortresses, they unlock powerful units, pilots, items and AirMechs and can customize their armies to fit their personal gameplay preferences.

Players who wish to participate in the beta can sign up now by heading to An Xbox Live Gold membership will be required for the multiplayer portion of the beta.

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