Yoshi’s Woolly World Prepares for an Eggciting Launch in 2015

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The folks at Good Feel love some yarn. After the successful Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Yoshi is next up to get a makeover from the developer, and after a good wait – Yoshi’s Woolly World looks quite amazing. This title will play a bit like Yoshi’s Island, but with yarn and cloth stitched into the environment, with an emphasis on exploration.

We seen this title during last E3, but it was just an image and now we have a clearer picture with the E3 trailer of just what to expect. Shy Guys, Yoshi, multiplayer and more, and yes, this is something we have been needing to see on the Wii U to show off some more of those classic characters in new ways. Watch the clip below and become enchanted.

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