The Crew Gets New Trailer and Release Date

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Monument Valley

The Crew was a part of Ubisoft’s E3 2014 show and while the main focus seemed to be about the large size of the map which has been mentioned many times before we did get some new nice details in the form of a release date set for November 11th and perhaps most exciting, an closed beta for the PC version of the game which will be available from July 23rd. While alot of people were anxious to hear if the game would contain visual customisation in addition to the heavy part customisation available, this detail was unfortunately not outed at E3. However, some further research led to finding some gameplay videos that do show off this feature, so rest assured those who want to make their cars looks like something from Fast and the Furious will be able to.

In the Ubisoft post show interview, it was revealed there will be one server for each platform the game is on (PS4, Xbox One and PC) and that the roads will not become crowded while you are playing online but apparently you can play with everyone on that server at the same time. It was also revealed it would take 45 minutes to complete a straight point to point to drive across the map in the absolute fastest modded car. You can sign up for the beta now by going to the official site,  but before you do that make sure to check out the new trailer below. You can check out our hands on with The Crew as well to see our impressions of the game.

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