Terra Formers Volume 1 to be released in North America mid-July

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terra-formers-volume-1-coverYou may have heard that Viz Media had picked up Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s horror sci-fi manga Terra Formers for release in North America, but if not then you do now. Plus we have some good news for you as you will not have to wait too long for the first volume to be released as Viz announced today that Terra Formers Volume 1 will be hitting store shelves on July 15th for a price of $12.99. This release is rated M for mature as it features quite a lot of gore and subsequent volumes of this continuing series will be released on a bi-monthly basis.

Published under the Viz Signature imprint, Terra Formers tells the story of a world where in the late 26th century, the overpopulation of Earth has forced humanity to find new places to live. As such they have spent centuries terraforming Mars and now that it has been completed, but once humanity arrives on the planet they find that the terraforming process has had horrific consequences and has created terrible creatures. With the first manned mission wiped out, a second expedition is sent out to find that cockroaches sent to terraform Mars have been transformed into giant aggressive humanoids that want to kill every human they see.

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