Tecmo Koei to Change Name to Koei Tecmo in Europe Next Month

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If Bandai Namco hasn’t stuck yet, prepared to be a bit more confused by another brand change. Starting July 1st, Tecmo Koei, famous for Dynasty Warriors and several other franchises, will be changing their name to Koei Tecmo. This change will only be effective in Europe on that date and at this moment it is unclear if the rest of the west will receive the same treatment.

As you know, Koei and Tecmo merged in 2009, so while this move is surprising, it isn’t too shocking. I personally will still use Tecmo Koei until everything is official, but those boxarts will be reflecting the new brand at the start of the month for Europe. If the company keeps it up with assisting in the development with titles like Hyrule Warriors and so on, I honestly can say the fruits are all that is relevant at this moment.

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