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The truth hurts…

selector infected WIXOSS
Episode 10: That Stranded Emotion

Well it looks like the gang’s back together…though not in the way you’d expect. With last episode ending on two former/current friends ready to duke it out WIXOSS style, you wouldn’t be alone in expecting one heck of a battle this episode…you’d be disappointed of course, but you wouldn’t be wrong in expecting.


Lady of White

In the white corner, weighing in at one crap ton of emotional burdens, the protagonist we’re not sure what to think of: Ruko! (Applause) And in the red corner, weighing in with a lonely backstory, the girl we all feel sorry for: Hitoe! (Applause) Let the match begi-huh? It’s over already? Alright…well, there you have it folks. A new record for shortest WIXOSS battle. It would seem that, despite the emotional tension between Ruko, Hitoe (unknowingly) and the newly LRIGed Yuzuki, WIXOSS is stronger. More specifically, Hitoe’s continuing curse is stronger. Upon hearing Yuzuki explain the transformation she has undergone, Hitoe’s memories briefly resurface and render her unconcious from the pain. Poor girl. Now, while this makes perfect sense given the previous displays of Hitoe’s curse in effect, it also seemed like an easy way to get of having Ruko defeat Hitoe, or vice versa. I get it, we don’t want to see one of the good guys lose, especially if we can’t hate the opponent, but come on. Why even initiate a battle in the first place? Yuzuki straight up explains that she wants Hitoe to give up on battling altogether. So why not just talk to Ruko? You know, in the real world. It just doesn’t make any sense. Also why hasn’t any other LRIG ever tried what Yuzuki did? The rules say a LRIG can’t explain the truth of WIXOSS to their Selector. Loopholes are a very powerful force after all, utilise them.

Despite Hitoe being the one who wound up unconscious and hospitalised, this episode is undoubtedly about Yuzuki. As she talks to Ruko, we learn about life as a LRIG and how difficult it can be. Having essentially lost her life for a dream she will never experience, the only thing Yuzuki can do is think about the two options that lay before her: remain a LRIG forever or hurt a friend who has already been traumatised. So sayeth the rules. Unable to speak the truth, the LRIG must sit back and watch whilst their Selector struggles hopelessly for a wish that will never be. Should a LRIG defy the rules and try to help their Selector, they will lose their opportunity to escape the card, remaining trapped forever. Honestly, what otherwordly force invented this game? I honestly can’t see any point to it other than “Let’s mess with as many teenage girls as we can”. Which is messed up. Especially since we know that, despite receiving no benefits from victory, a Selector will suffer the consequences of loss. Seriously, if WIXOSS ever becomes real, do NOT play it. It will not end well for you.


It’s only weird if you put it in context

Just in case you were worried that you were going to miss out on your weekly does of semi-incestuous anime love, Yuzuki/Hanayo and Kazuki make a brief, and unnecessarily saccharine, appearance. Alright, first things first, Yuzuki and Kazuki actually live with their parents. You know, those characters who have never been mentioned before. Every time we’ve seen them at home, it’s just been the two of them awkwardly interacting. I honestly thought they lived alone. At the very least that lended some credence to Yuzuki’s emotions. I figured that they’d been alone since a young age and Yuzuki wound up admiring her brother for keeping their lives together. Nope. Guess it was just me trying to justify the situation. Anyway, the two wind up sharing an umbrella in the snow because that way it doesn’t look weird that they’re so close to each other (Yuzuki’s idea of course). Plus, they are lovers after all…they’re words, not mine. Oh yeah, the real Yuzuki also had front row seats to this little exchange, just to really drive home the fact that her wish came true for someone else, which is literally what she has been trying to avoid the entire series. Honestly, this entire situation is a mess. If it wasn’t bad enough to begin with, Hanayo and Yuzuki switching places somehow made this relationship worse. Essentially, Kazuki is dating somebody (which is fine) who is merely possessing his sisters body (which is not fine). I know I talk about this every week, but come on. You all know it’s weird.


Apparently twisted card games are trending right now

Well it looks like things are building up in the world of WIXOSS. Yuzuki’s romp into the backend of the card game revealed that their is a mysterious girl known as Mayu who holds a great deal of influence over the LRIGs. Mysterious. Meanwhile, in the real world, Iona has sent out a summons for all Selectors via totally-not-Twitter. Of course Ruko discovered this invite, so only time will tell if she decides to battle once more, knowing full well the consequences of such and action, or leave it all behind and lead a normal life with two talking cards as friends. Unfortunately, my vote’s on the former…

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