Razer is Looking for 500 Fans to Beta Test the Nabu

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After a small delay to ensure the bands would be hypoallergenic in response to the Fitbit Force fiasco, the Razer Nabu is finally shipping to developers. Interested applicants may still apply to the Razer Nabu developer program. Qualified applicants will be able to purchase a Razer Nabu at a steep discount of $49.99 USD. Otherwise, the SDK is available for free on the developer portal.

E3 2014 brought a special surprise for those uninterested in developing applications. Razer fans have a chance to get their hands on a Razer Nabu ahead of the crowd. Razer is selecting 500 enthusiasts to beta test the Razer Nabu, starting July 10th, 2014 for only $1.00. In return, beta testers will need to provide detailed feedback and be active users of Razer equipment. Those interested should sign up on the official Razer Nabu mini-site.

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