Pokémon Video Game Australian National Championships to be Held July 13th

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I’ll search across the land, look far and wide

Nintendo Australia has announced that the 2014 Pokémon Video Game Australian National Championships will be held on July 13th at the Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston St Melbourne. Though the Regional Championships in May reduced the 1000 competitor count, Melbourne should still prepare for an influx of trainers.

The National Championships will be a free, full day event and (as mentioned) will take place in the magnificent Main Hall. The event is open to everyone to either participate in the Championship ( with registration available on the day) on the day, or spectate and enjoy the battles on the big screen. It’s set to be quite the day of Pokémon action. Learn from the best and test your skills against your fellow Trainers, helping you on your path to Master.

Players must bring their own 3DS and copy of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, whilst the following pre-set formats will be utilised to determine Champions on the day:

  • Age Modified Swiss pairings (attendance permitting)
  • A cut to a Top 16 single-elimination finals (attendance permitting)
  • Single-elimination finals will be run as best-of-three games

These rulesets will apply to each of the age divisions, designed to pair up opponents of roughly the same skill level. They are:

  • Junior Division: Born in 2003 or later
  • Senior Division: Born in 1999, 2000, 2001, or 2002
  • Masters Division: Born in 1998 or earlier

You can always rely on the kindness of Trainers

Players who place in the top two of their age division will win flights, accommodation and an invitation to the Pokemon Video Game World Championships in Washington DC (August 16th-17th). Players who come in 3rd and 4th will laos receive said invitation, but will have to organise the rest themselves.

So grab your game, gather your best Pokemon and train like you’ve never trained before. After all, you may have bested the storyline of X and Y, but human competitors are a league above. For now, visit the official site and brush up on the rules of the competition. It won’t be long until you can show off your team and fight to become the best, like no one ever was.



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