Nether Leaves Steam Early Access, Full Release now Available

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After an extensive development and testing period on Steam Early Access, Nether is now available as a full release on Steam. The open world survival FPS features a post apocalyptic vision of Chicago after a vast majority of mankind have been turned into the monstrous Nethers. Players will band together into Tribes to battle for control of territory and the precious resources contained within. The sense of vertical space is a major draw in Nether, with death raining down from above from hostile players.


Nether is now available for purchase on Steam for $14.99. There is no monthly fee to play Nether. For those who log into the game after June 5th will receive a Nether potion and golden chest key. Additionally, all players who have shared guest passes have been topped up along with a one Gold coin bonus for each key redeemed.


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