Here Be Monsters Launches Worldwide for iPad

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There be adventure too

After a successful beta period in the UK and Canada, Gamesys has launched their new MMO Here Be Monsters for the iPad. Combining fantasy with reality, players travel the globe as they search for over 100 mythical monsters, whom they must trap.

Beginning in London, players are quickly caught up in a diabolical plot that forces them into situations far beyond their station as new recruits in the Ministry of Monsters. Utilising hundreds of painstakingly researched and illustrated resources from numerous countries, players will be able to improve their traps and choose their baits  in order to better their chances at capturing  the monster that inhabit the regions of the world. New quests are developed episodically and released monthly, so players will have a constant stream of tasks to perform. The first season of the game will centre around London and Europe in general, transferring to Nanjing when season two rolls around. There is also promise of at least four more seasons slated for release, each focusing on other continents, so keep your travel bags packed.

When not jetsetting around a monster filled planet, players may decide to kick back and relax at their Homestead. This base of operations may be placed anywhere in the world and allows access to resource farming and the option to optimise crafting production lines. It’s also a neat place to showcase souvenirs.


And then some…

If the game itself wasn’t enough to get you interested in buying the game itself, it would seem that being a member of the Here Be Monsters community can have some…less than expected bonuses. Players Lisa and Chris apparently met via a fan run guild (“The Mudskippers” for all those looking for love) and recently celebrated their wedding, featuring a Here Be Monsters themed cake. Isn’t that sweet?

The couple said:

“We both play Here Be Monsters and became friends last summer though we lived several hundred miles apart. We will always be grateful to the makers of Here Be Monsters for creating the virtual world in which we met.”

Michael Heywood (Executive Producer of Here Be Monsters) happily added:

“Everybody on the Here Be Monsters team sends a huge congratulations to Lisa and Chris on their wedding! Seeing players form real communities and relationships in the game makes us all very proud, and we’re very glad to have played a small part in their happiness.”

Well there you have it folks, an MMO that combines fiction and reality that actually combined fiction and reality. Crazy stuff. Anyway, Here Be Monsters is out now on the App Store for the low, low price of Free. So check it out and enjoy the monster trapping adventure. Who knows, you might even meet someone special.

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