Dungeon Crawler Gauntlet Receives Early E3 Trailer

Warner Bros PC News Action


A few months ago it was revealed the classic arcade dungeon crawler Gauntlet would be receiving the modernized reboot treatment with developers Arrowhead Game Studios and publishers Warner Bros. leading production. Now Warner Bros. has released their E3 trailer for the game a few days early and it showcases the game’s unique Relics system which allows players to acquire deadly new abilities and unleash ancient powers. You can view the newest trailer below.

Gauntlet will be playable with four player co-op at this year’s E3 at the Warner Bros. Games stand. The game will be available for digital download on PC on September 3rd, coinciding with the launch of the WB Games Vault which will be bringing more beloved classics into the modern era for a new generation to enjoy. Those who pre-order through select retailers will  receive a limited-time, exclusive free digital comic titled Gauntlet: Darkness Calls. The comic will be created by DC Entertainment and will detail the origins of the Gauntlet’s most vile master Morak. Let us know in the comments below if you ever played the original game and what you think of this new reboot.

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