Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Phase-4 character available in the West

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Fans of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in the West may be happy to hear that the game’s roster has just grown a bit larger. Today in North America Phase-4, a clone of Kasumi with her own unique fighting style and costumes, was released for the game on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Gamers in Europe can download the character on the 360 only at the moment as the PS3 release for the character in that territory is set for June 25th.

It is worth noting that Phase-4 is not a free DLC character as she will cost $5.99 just like Marie Rose did when she was released by Tecmo Koei. A slew of costumes were also released alongside Phase-4, with some of them being available in a bundle that is priced at $12.99 or purchased seperately for $1.99 each. It is worth noting that a number of other DLC costumes for other characters has also been released today following an “Overalls” theme.

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