Crytek and Deep Silver Partner Up to Announce Homefront: The Revolution

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The Homefront IP was one of the many franchises left in limbo after the bankruptcy of THQ. The IP has been transferred into the hands of Crytek UK (TimeSplitters), with a new title expecting to launch in 2015. Today, Homefront: The Revolution has been officially announced by Deep Silver and Crytek, who will be jointly publishing the game. The title takes place in Philadelphia after the Korean’s People Army turned the city into a police state. Players will engage in guerilla warfare in this open world game to subvert the KPA’s control. The game will support both single player and four player co-op.

Homefront: The Revolution will be launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Mac, and Windows in 2015. Learn more at the official Homefront site.

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