Video games industry honours IGEA, CEO Ron Curry with MCV Pacific’s ‘Pillar of the Industry’ Award

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Video games industry honours IGEA, CEO Ron Curry with MCV Pacific’s ‘Pillar of the Industry’ Award 

Sydney, Australia – 9 May, 2014 – The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association is proud to announce that its CEO, Ron Curry, has received the MCV Pacific ‘Pillar of the Industry’ award in recognition of his tireless efforts promoting and representing the video games industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Curry has become a driving force behind entertainment reform in Australia, with highlights including the successful legislative change to Australia’s classification system to include the R18+ rating, after a protracted 10 year battle.

The award was presented at last night’s MCV Pacific Awards 2014 in Sydney, at a gala event recognising excellence in the Australian and New Zealand video games industry. Ron was presented with the award, by MCV Pacific Commercial Director, Joel Van Daal.

“It is a rare thing to be officially recognised by your industry, and I can’t thank my team and the board members of IGEA enough for the ongoing support and friendship they have shown me over the years.” said Curry, “During my time at IGEA, the landscape has shifted dramatically and it is has been both a challenge and a thrill to tackle the issues that are important for our members and the broader community.”

Over the years, Ron has successfully built and maintained a strong and important voice on behalf of the industry, says IGEA Chairman, Edward Fong, setting the foundation for continued growth in the region.

“Throughout his career, and particularly since becoming the CEO of IGEA in 2008, Ron Curry has become a highly respected representative of our industry, creating ongoing and positive discussions to achieve classification reform, educating parents and consumers about games and coordinating diverse stakeholder groups to creating the one unified voice that has helped us flourish in Australia and New Zealand,” he said. “We could not be prouder to see Ron honoured with this well deserved award from MCV Pacific.”

Curry continues to play an instrumental role in addressing emerging issues regarding interactive entertainment, working closely with his counterparts at ESA, ESA Canada, ISFE, UKIE and USK to address global issues affecting the industry.

He remains committed to representing the industry’s interests while demonstrating the positive influence of interactive media in the broader community.

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