The Next Chapter for The Wolf Among Us drops May 27th

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This is one of those articles where I can’t really say much. If you have been following TellTale GamesThe Wolf Among Us however, you know what went on and how interesting the next chapter, “In Sheep’s Clothing” should be once it releases.

Well, there is great news on that as the penultimate episode will be released on May 27th, which is next week. There is a trailer below, but be warned – there are a few spoilers. I am getting excited as we wrap up Bigby’s story, and hopefully – this tale will have just as much of an impact as the first season of The Walking Dead (I’m not feeling the second season too much, but that may just be me and the fact that The Wolf Among Us is the stronger story at the moment). 360 owners remember that your release date is a day later on May 28th, so watch this trailer and get ready for more madness below.

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