Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. supports“Indie Game Area” and “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2014” as a special sponsor.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. supports“Indie Game Area” and “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2014” as a special sponsor.

Application for exhibition entry at the Indie Game Area is now free and is extended till June 11 (Wed).


Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014, organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) and in cooperation with Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP), announces Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) as a special sponsor for the “Indie Game Area” and “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2014 (SOWN 2014)”; two projects for independent game developers.

As a special sponsor, SCE will cover 100% of the exhibition fees for the Indie Game Area, which will be exhibited through four days for 99,900 yen, and exhibited through two days in Public Days for 32,400 yen (* regardless of the platform of the exhibition title).

Thanks to this, exhibition fees for all participants in this area will be free. Also, to call for a wider range of exhibitions, the deadline for application for exhibition entry is extended till June 11 (Wednesday), from the original deadline of May 30 (Friday).

Maximum 50 booths (scheduled) out of applied titles will be selected by the Administration Office to be exhibited in the Indie Game Area.

Last year, the Indie Game Area was set for the first time in the TOKYO GAME SHOW. 41 independent game developers from 10 countries/regions worldwide participated and attracted a lot of attention. Many applications have been accepted for this year’s exhibition already.

The SOWN 2014, which presents “unprecedented” game ideas including game prototypes, welcomes its 7th year and has been a staple as the stage event for independent develops at TGS.

The application for the SOWN 2014 will be accepted until July 7 (Monday). Maximum 10 titles will be selected as the presentation titles through the screening by the selection committee.

Both projects will be carried out with the cooperation of the International Game Developers Association Japan Chapter (IGDA Japan).

The TOKYO GAME SHOW provides opportunities to transmit new gaming ideas to the world through projects for independent game developers; Indie Game Area and SOWN 2014.

*For details on application requirements and application methods  for both projects, please refer to the TOKYO GAME SHOW official  website (

[TOKYO GAME SHOW official website]

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