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selector infected WIXOSS
Episode 8: That Fake Vow

Just when you thought being a Selector was bad news, this week throws us two more possibilities that honestly aren’t any better. It would seem that win or lose, a person’s life is tremendously altered by their time as a LRIG wielder. Kind of explains the overall lack of explanation regarding the whole “Eternal Girl” thing. Anyway, with Akira rounding of last episode with a spot on rendition of a crazy person, it’s time to see what the former Aki-lucky girl wants. I wonder if it’s to be friends…


Tama is blue…

It isn’t, it isn’t to be friends. The once and former Selector/model has decided to dive head first into the depths of insanity it would seem, and she’s jonesing to bring everyone down with her. Having lost her three battles, Akira now has three targets on which to seek revenge…of the stabbing kind. Of course she doesn’t actually get the chance to murder Ruko and Yuzuki, but it’s the thought that counts right? Anyway, Akira’s whole “former Selector” situation raises some questions, to me at least, namely: How the hell does she remember what a Selector is? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of the penalties of loss forgetting everything about the Selector world? Hitoe forgot, so why does the psycho-cutey get a free pass? Also, all things considered, Akira’s penalty is no life ending. Career ending I suppose, especially considering how terrible her co-workers were, but she still has her mind intact…well, as intact as it was to begin with. Though I guess considering what we know about Akira, her reaction to the scar speaks volumes about her character. Combined with her desire to see her modelling competition fail, it’s pretty safe to say that Akira lacks the self confidence she once pretended to possess. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you don’t appreciate yourself people, you go crazy and try to stab everything that hurt you. Not a good way to live.

Being the sweetheart that she is, Ruko actually listened to Akira when she blamed her for causing her fall from grace. Sweet, but stupid. Regardless of how true it is, Akira chose to fight and accepted the consequences. She’s just being a poor sport…a poor, violent sport. Anyway, Ruko spends a majority of the episode mired in sadness, to the point that even Tama understands that battles aren’t always good. Think about that for a minute. The battle hungry card spirit designed to fight understands that combat might not be the answer. As touching a moment as this was, it’s real benefit came from the fact that it actually gave Tama some more depth. In all honesty the LRIGs are inherently flat characters, living to serve their Selector, but we have seen personalities shine through to a degree. Such as happiness, malice, deception…


The door to desire

Alright, here it is, the main plotline that made this episode that unholy fusion of sweet and creepy that we’ve come to expect from WIXOSS: Yuzuki/Kazuki. Yep, despite everything that has happened over the course of the series, our love struck Selector refuses to accept that her affections are straight up misplaced. Side Note: Is there something I’m missing here? Anime seems to adhere to the belief that any promise made or emotions felt around the age of 5 stay with a person throughout the entirety of their life. Seriously? I can’t remember what I ate for dinner a week ago and they’re gonna tell me that a highschool girl still has the exact same view on love that she had over 10 years ago. I mean it’s possible, but it seems entirely too common in the world of anime. Despite this fact, Yuzuki enters into what will be her final Selector battle, mere minutes away from having her dream realised…and maybe Kazuki’s. First of all, I still don’t like Kazuki’s friends. I don’t care how accurate they were, it’s still ridiculous to suspect a romantic relationship between him and Yuzuki because they eat lunch and walk home together. It’s just dumb. Same goes for the girl who professed her feelings to him, he turned you down and that sucks, but don’t go accusing the guy of acts he didn’t commit. Also “Prove it with a kiss”, the hell was that? An awkward and desperate move is what that was.

All things considered however, Kazuki might just have feelings for Yuzuki. The only thing is that they only started to surface after Yuzuki had won her battle, the effects of which are not clearly defined as of yet. Though Kazuki is noticeably more attracted to his sister (weirds me out writing that), there is no indication that they are no longer related. So I’m not exactly sure how her wish was granted. Though I suppose her wish was that they would be together, not that society would find it right…so there’s a distinct possibility that her victory simply caused Kazuki to feel the same way about her that she does about him. Which, along with raising a number of questions regarding morality, is still just weird. By the way, don’t you just love how the girl with the sweet, innocent wish for friendship had her entire life shattered and Yuzuki manages to get what she wants? Yay world.


A far too familiar face…

So congratulations to Yuzuki I guess. Her dream came true and she can now “be with” Kazuki….hooray. However, despite her resounding victory, Yuzuki’s transcendence to Eternal Girl may have come with an unknown price. It would appear that a new LRIG has joined the fray, one who bears an uncanny resemblance to one recently victorious Selector. But that’s not all friends, it would appear that said card has found it’s was into the hands of one recently unsuccessful Selector. I’ll give you two guesses who that is. Hint: It’s not Akira and it’s Hitoe.

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