Rovio Cash in on Flappy Bird’s Success with Retry

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People can complain all they want about DLC, Free to Play, and so on. Yeah, it bothers me, but seeing a once applauded publisher deliver something just for the sake of cashing in on another person’s idea – well that kind of takes the cake.

Rovio are the latest in the trend of Flappy Bird inspired clones, with their new title dubbed “Retry”. Sure, people will buy it and play it – the Angry Birds publisher has been a trusted namesake on the iOS market, but what happened to integrity? I hated Flappy Bird. It was a game that wasn’t a game, but instead an idea to make the consumer feel like they had to keep going because they were not winning. Its the same kind of thing that we see in slot machines, but translated with happy pixels with the accessibility factor coming in the form of your iPhone. Watch the trailer for Retry down below, and of course you will probably purchase it, but Rovio, I frankly would expect better from you. Enjoy your millions while they last, as it only costs you the supporting beam holding up your brand.

To the reader, I am sorry I am so ranty, but to myself this is about the same thing as seeing a celebrity use their last sliver of fame to get a free meal when they have a wallet full of cash.

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