Really? Really! release date announced by MangaGamer

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You may have heard late last year that MangaGamer had picked up the rights to release Shuffle! follow-up Really? Really! in English sometime in the future. Well today the company has announced when fans can expect to purchase Really? Really! and have even opened up pre-orders for the game. Really? Really! is set to be released on June 6th and can currently be pre-ordered here (18+ Only) for $31.95 compared to the standard price of $34.95.

For those who don’t know, Really? Really! is similar to Tick! Tack! as it takes place after the events of Shuffle! but instead follows the story of what would happen if players pursued Kaede Fuyou past the game. In this PC eroge the story involves Kaede’s memories being left in tatters after Primula’s magica powers go out of control sometime after the events of the main game. When this happens she falls into a deep coma and is unable to awaken so Rin and his friends must dive into her mind and try to repair her jumbled memories and return them to normal so she can wake up.

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