Panzer General Online Launches Open Beta

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Take the fight to the enemy…once they finish their turn

Ubisoft has just announced that Blue Byte‘s historically inspired turn based tactical title Panzer General Online has gone into Open Beta. Currently available in English, French, German and Dutch, the free-to-play browser game provides players with both singleplayer and multiplayer options.

During their previous Closed Beta, the development team worked closely with the community to gather feedback and implement improvements to the core game. The balance of both singleplayer and multiplayer was fine tuned, resulting in the introduction of powerful new units and command cards, as well as the optimisation of the booster packs mechanics. A new multiplayer mode known as Skirmish 2.0 was also added to the game, allowing players to enter versus player battles with pre-constructed decks. This grants newcomers and advanced players the ability to face each other on equal footing.

As a thank you to early fans of Panzer General Online, all players who participated during the Closed Beta will receive two exclusive tanks, one for the US army and one for the German army. For all those just joining the fight, Panzer General Online will be supported by new content releases through Open Beta and into launch.

So head over to the official site and try your hand at becoming a Panzer General…Online. Additionally, check out the images and trailer below and get yourself into the mood for some organised, turn based warfare. That’s how war works right?

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