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No Game No Life
Episode 8: Fake End

Having learned last episode that their predecessor was not the fool he is proclaimed to be, Sora and Shiro have finally discovered what they need to challenge the Eastern Federation. Travelling to the Embassy with Steph and Jibril in tow, the siblings head towards their opponent with the most dangerous weapon they possess: a plan.


Elementary, my dear Warbeast

So it would seem that Disboard is yet another fantasy world that is still held in the thralls of racism. What, you think we wouldn’t notice because they’re mythical creatures? You guessed wrong awesome anime series. I should note that this actually doesn’t anger me to any real degree, I just always find it interesting that fantasy shows can segregate their casts so much and still proclaim a functioning world. Get with the times you series’ set in the possible past. Anywho, more specifically this lack of racial compassion serves as yet another handicap for Imanity. It would seem that the Warbeasts still harbour palpable resentment towards Imanity due to a battle fought in the past…not an actual battle mind you, more of a race. A construction race to be specific. That’s right folks, apparently the leaders of not one but two races thought it wise to utilise their resources to build a bigger house than their neighbour. It’s actually kind of amazing how petty these races are…and dumb. Seriously, most of Disboard’s problems could be solved if the races just stopped being jerks to each other…though that’s true of any world isn’t it?

Anyway after rubbing down the leader of the Eastern Federation (not as creepy as it sounds), Sora and Shiro begin their mental attack on their new opponents. Raising every question from the last episode, the siblings systematically explain why the Eastern Federation act the way they do, despite the seeming lack of benefit. I mean, the actual game hasn’t even been chosen and Blank is already winning. How awesome is that? Very…the answer is very. But you may be wondering to yourself, “I thought the Warbeasts could read minds, how did they not see this glorious onslaught of logic coming?” Good question. It would seem that, in addition to being the most technologically advanced race in Disboard, the Warbeasts are liars. Conmen if you want to give them a little more credit. Apparently the whole “we can read your mind” shtick it nothing but a falsehood, a deception to fool the other Exceed into thinking that they are an untouchable opponent. Masters of the cold read, the Warbeasts pretend to scan an opponents mind when all they actually do is monitor body movement and functions. Still a nifty ability, but not to the degree everyone was led to believe. Between Imanity’s wit and the Warbeasts trickery, it’s interesting to see how each of the Exceed races carves out their niche for survival in the world of Disboard. It would seem that everyone is good at something. The trick is making your enemies think you’re better.


Your move!

Despite all of Sora’s careful planning and tremendous display of deduction, it would seem that Imanity is just a little unhappy with the details of his bet with the Warbeasts. Starting his campaign for war by betting Steph’s panties, because this is an anime and that stuff still flies, Sora upped his wager by betting the lives of every single Imanity in Disboard…so just a little bit more valuable than something Steph seems to lose every second episode. Understandably enraged by this, we see just how quickly a group can turn against someone. The same people that stood behind Sora and Shiro heart and soul now stand with torches clamouring for their resignation. Bunch of ingrates. Though from any perspective other than the one we have as the audience, Sora seems like a straight up loon. Tough, once again, Steph should realise that there is method to his madness, as she once again internally questions Blank’s position on the throne. Seriously, they’re her friends and the smartest people in the world, they beat God for crying out loud. You’d think by now the girl who has witnessed them defy probability would have a little faith…though Sora does pretty much call Disboard a game. Which doesn’t inspire great amounts of confidence…damn geniuses, why are they always so hard to understand? That being said, I guess I can understand their position, since apparently losing a Race Piece is viewed as the “de facto death” of a species, reducing them to nothing more than animals in the eyes of the world. Mainly due to the fact that the Ten Pledges no longer apply to such a species, which is an interesting side effect if you ask me. Perhaps Sora wishes to rid Disboard of the limitation of the Ten Pledges, allowing the Exceed to define themselves by something other than their skill at games. That’s my theory at this point. Though rendering Disboard closer to Earth does seem to go against the sibling’s hatred of Eath’s society, so who knows what they’re up to. Unless defeating each race will place them under the banner of Imanity. One race bound together by the Ten Pledges. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what their true plan is…damn geniuses.



So with their plan underway and victory all but assured against the Warbeasts who believe themselves better video gamers than Blank, everything is looking up Imanity…right? Apparently heading off to collect the final piece needed for their victory over the Warbeasts, Sora shares a touching moment with Shiro…and then disappears. Separated from her brother, the world turns grey for Shiro, which is unbelievably sad. Poor girl. After an ending sequence that is just a little different than normal, we find Shiro waking up in her bed…alone. Huddled and crying in a corner, she asks Steph where her brother is, only to be met with two words that shake poor Shiro to her very core: “Who’s Brother?”

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