Lords of Football gets royally disciplined

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Lords of Football gets royally disciplined

Sometimes players go that little bit too far on and off the football pitch, and you’ve got to lay down the law. Alternative Software is pleased to show how it’s done, with the discipline trailer for Lords of Football: Royal Edition.

Footballers like to let loose after a hard day at training or a gruelling match, which sometimes can result in seriously sticky situations. Fear not, because in Lords of Football: Royal Edition, you’ve got ‘God like’ powers that allow you to keep an eye on, and punish the players that don’t toe the line.

It might bring the best out of the players, or make them switch off on the training ground, but remember, you’re the boss – and people that don’t stick to the plan won’t last long at your club, right?

Lords of Football: Royal Edition is now available on PC DVD at retail with an SRP of £14.99.

With over 320,000 ‘Likes’ on the official Facebook page (Facebook.com/lordsoffootball), Lords of Football has been widely praised from football and gaming critics, including the likes of Four Four Two and Softpedia, as ‘ingenious’, ‘innovative’, and ‘a jewel among football simulations’.

For more information on Alternative Software and Lords of Football: Royal Edition, please visit the official website at www.alternativesoft.co.uk/LoF/LoF.html

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