Blood Lad’s English voice cast announced by Viz Media

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Today at Anime Central Viz Media announced the English dub cast for Blood Lad. While the company has yet to announce a release date for the series on home video, they are planning on showing the dubbed version of the show through Neon Alley.

The English dub will be directed by Kirk Thornton while Chris Cason handled the English script. As for the English voice actors the full list can be found below:

Bryce Papenbrook – Staz Charlie Blood
Xanthe Huynh – Fuyumi Yanagi
Kira Buckland – Hydra Bell
Cristina Vee – Mamejiro
Ben Diskin – Wolf
Richard Epcar – Wolf Daddy
Johnny Yong Bosch – Braz D. Blood
Jason Baker – Yoshida the Mimic
Lucien Dodge – Akim Papradon
Patrick Seitz – Franken
Erik Scott Kimerer – Hydra Knell
Keith Silverstein – Hydra Heads
Wendee Lee – Neyn
Ben Pronsky – Chief Goyle
Julie Ann Taylor – Officer Beros
Taylor Henry – ONIQLO Store Manger
Derek Stephen Prince – Sabao
Caitlin Chang – Mayu
Kyle Hebert – Dek
Brian Beacock – Shamkid
Todd Stone – Roy
Matthew Mercer – Sam
Erica Mendez – Jasmine

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