Behind the Scenes at Paradox

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In a move which will no doubt gain them a lot of prestige points, a new documentary examining the origins of Paradox Development Studio has been released. The short video shines a light on the development behind the studios iconic titles including the grand strategy Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis franchises. In a series of face-to-camera interviews with Studio Head Johan Andersson and a number of his producers and project leads, we get a glimpse into the goings-on behind the award-winning games.

The video goes into the boardgame origins of Europa Universalis and examines the design philosophies that the project leads had in each of the iconic Paradox games. It’s an interesting foray into the history of these historically inspired games and I quite enjoyed the commentary detailing how each installment in each series developed further upon the central philosophy of the game.

Feel free to have a watch of the video, and give us your opinion on the works of Paradox.

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