Become a True Hero in La Tale’s New HEROES Expansion

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Become a True Hero in La Tale’s New HEROES Expansion

Write your own tale to become a true hero in La Tale: HEROES, with all new classes, quests and more!

Torrance, CA – May 1, 2014 – The cute, anime-style MMORPG La Tale has just released one of its biggest updates to date. The update introduces a brand new job class, numerous new skills and a whole lot more. With the release of this new job class, heroes in La Tale can advance their abilities even further and utilize all new skills to slay the various monsters in the Kingdom of Elias and quest through the new regions of the mysterious Floating City. Players can jump into this exciting new fantasy world now at

In addition to the all-new class advancements, the La Tale’s HEROES expansion also includes a magnitude of additional in-game content which consist of 38 new quests to complete, new dungeons to explore and new character titles to help express your awesomeness. If that doesn’t make you jump into La Tale right this second, the HEROES expansion also improves on La Tale’s game mechanics and functionality. Some of these amazing new features include character slot expansion, 2nd jump functionality to get those hard to reach places, improved guild system and more.

Watch the La Tale Gameplay Trailer here.

La Tale’s Main Features:

  • Cute Anime Graphics: Cute, anime-inspired visuals in a side-scrolling console game style.
  • Customizable Characters: Unique avatars that can be customized with all kinds of fashion items, equipment and pets.
  • 6 Class Types with a Multitude of Subclasses: Choose from the basic classes of Warrior, Explorer, Knight, Engineer, and Wizard, and advance your character to pick from a ton of subclasses like the Dragoon, Duelist, Minstrel, and much more.
  • PvP: Engage in duels, or participate in PvP in the Elias Fight Arena to earn PvP-specific items and skills.

LaTale Overview
Be part of an exciting story that unfolds all around you while you define your own unique path. The elegantly designed world is full of beauty, romance and intrigue. A rich palate of swords, sorcery, science, art, music and the paranormal are combined to make engaging and unique fantasy world like no other. It is up to you to craft your tale upon the breathtaking backgrounds and exciting storyline that is La Tale.

The story centers itself around the heroic beauty Iris. Her journey and mysterious disappearance serve to propel you on your own exciting adventures. Find your own footsteps intertwined with hers as you uncover clues and create your own lasting legacy.

Your journey begins in the Kingdom of Elias as a quest starts you down a long road filled with magical lands and dangerous enemies. Stones of Iris guide your way and hold the great truths that lie at the heart of La Tale’s rich story.

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