Archiact Interactive’s New Tunnel Runner Game ‘Little Lamper’ Gains Kickstarter Support

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Archiact Interactive’s New Tunnel Runner Game ‘Little Lamper’ Gains Kickstarter Support

Vancouver, Canada — May 12, 2014 /  On May 1st, Archiact Interactive launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new iOS/Android game ‘Little Lamper,’ which has since attracted over 60 backers and more than $2,000 in pledges.

“I’m always addicted to runner games like subway surfer, temple run… Now I will challenge myself with the next innovative runner game :D” — Kickstarter supporter.

Though it falls into the ‘Tunner Runner’ genre of games, the gameplay is altered to represent the free-form flight, rather then locking the player into the standard three tracks we’ve become used to seeing in tunnel runners or 3D infinity runners. Little Lamper gamers play as a species of fireflies called ‘Lampers’ through a variety of dangerous environments. As a character in the Lamper Kingdom, gamers have the choice of playing as the Princess, the Professor, the Ninja, the Pirate or the title character, Lil’ Lamper. Each have their own unique look, and players will be given the options tocustomize them further to create a Lamper to suit their imagination.

The object of the game is to find a new home, and recreate Lamper Kingdom, which was invaded and destroyed by an army of dangerous spiders. By avoiding obstacles, dodging pebbles, collecting coins and sap, and using a number of power-ups, players must survive the challenges faced as a small bug in a big world.

“Just backed! Glad I found this. Looking forward for the alpha!” — Kickstarter supporter.

The Archiact Interactive team has already completed in-game illustrations, prototype functionality, and the storyline that characters will experience as they explore worlds to find sanctuary. They’ve since turned to Kickstarter to further finance game development and involve backers in the storyline with unique rewards like custom-made characters based on player photos.

“We believe in this game, and want the chance to bring it to a wider audience, while making it exceptional. Money raised is going into the development of the game, the rewards for our backers like pins, keychains, etc, and a few surprises.” — Archiact Interactive

The Kickstarter campaign will run until Jun 2nd and features a variety of perks for backers including a copy of the game, posters, and the ability to design your own Lamper character.

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