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Courtesy of Marvel Australia and New Zealand, we have a patriotic Captain America: The Winter Soldier themed prize pack to give away! The action packed Captain America: The Winter Soldier is in cinemas April 3 and is rated M for Mature Audiences. Look for our review by the end of the week. Below is a list of the items included in the prize pack, which can also be seen above:


• 1 x Adult T-shirt $19.95
• 1 x Cap $19.95
• 1 x iPod Sports Band $25.95
• 1 x Headphones $39.95
• 1 x Notebook $9.95
• 1 x Coaster Set $12.95
• 1 x Ice Cube Tray $9.95
• 1x Set of Stickers $5.95

To enter, please answer the following question in our comments section below.

If we had a Captain Australia, or Captain New Zealand, what would their costume look like and what would be their signature weapon/move?

This competition will close on April 9th. Make sure you use a valid email when you register with Disqus before posting your comment so we can email you if you are one of our winners. If you choose to enter by logging in with your Facebook account, your email is not required.

Our thanks to the fine folks at Marvel Australia and New Zealand for enabling this competition, and good luck to everybody!


Competition is open to AU/NZ Residents only.

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  • PerfectionShaun

    Captain Australia would unfortunately look like those bogans that come out on Australia Day. Wearing Thongs, shorts and an australian flag as a cape he would use his signature throwing of the empty beer bottle at the bad guys.

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Captain Australia would have gold and green theme colours while carrying boomerangs as the main weaponry. In terms of clothing he would just wear skin tight shirt and shorts while active in hot environment.

  • Aaron Cox

    Simple, they would wear an armoured suit the same colour as the fine iron-enriched dust of the outback, a slightly oversized and tilted Akubra hat, sporting ugg boots for maximum comfort factor. A thick bogan accent would finish off the façade, confusing and disorienting opponents. The weapon of choice is the SOUTHERN CROSSbow. Their weakness would be that every action they take is delayed several seconds (literal lag) to characterise the true aussie state of out internet services.

  • thecrows2332

    Captain Australia. Mullet hair cut,Bintang singlet,flannel shirt,footy shorts and thongs (Aussie Flag as cape optional) Weapon of choice. cricket bat and ball. Finishing move. 6 and out.

    • Congrats you’ve won! We’ll be in contact with you via email shortly! ~MA

  • Rebecca Costa

    Captain Australia would be dressed in all green suit that can change colours to camouflage to surprise the enemy, his power to jump and kick like a kangaroo.

  • Jac

    Captain New Zealand would have a blue onies with the red-on-white southern cross on the torso, & a pair of oversized lamb chops shaped clubs as weapons

  • Flister

    Known for his incredibly ripped surfer body and wearing only budgie smugglers, Captain Australia foils criminals with a thong to the face before they’re hauled away in his indestructable Holden ute.

  • Sam :D

    Captain Australia: My Captain Australia would have the same sorta Costume as Captain America except he would have a Dark Green as the main Colour with touches of gold on the star and in other detailed areas of the outfit. The star and outlines on the outfit would be outlined with Aboriginal dot painting. And instead of a Shield he would have to have of course a Boomerang! 😀

  • Andrew McKeown

    Figure hugging, yellow front – green back,
    Large codpiece, utility pack,
    Padded shoulders, moulded chest,
    Protective helm with a fluffy crest,
    Leather gauntlets, knee-high boots,
    Superior to other super-suits.

    His greatest weapon would be his indecipherable Aussie slang:

    Hey Fred Astair are you a bit of an optic nerve. It’s a bit Picadilly to be running around in ya Reg Grundies. Get on the dog and bone and call a smash and grab to take ya home, me mud pies can’t stand it. (TRANSLATION: Hey you show off are you a bit of a perv. It’s a bit chilly to be running around in your undies. Get on the phone and call a cab to take you home, my eyes can’t stand it.)

  • Stuart

    Captain Australia would have an eski lid for a shield and an armoured singlet (with exposed southern cross tattoo showing). Signature move would be heading to the pub and having a beer while thinking about the world’s problems.

  • Jade o

    All superheroes have great bodies and honestly we all wanna have a lol so Captain Australia just needs a pair of speedos and thongs to spare his feet from pain.

  • Congratulations to : thecrows2332 for winning the Captain America competition. We’ll be in contact with you via email on the email you registered with for this competition.

    Thanks to everyone that entered!

    • thecrows2332

      Thanks Capsule Computers:)

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