Super Smash Bros. Focused Nintendo Direct to air this Week

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A new challenger approaches! Does that line send a shiver up your spine? Do your palms sweat and your eye twitch as you know that if you screw up the next fight, you will have to redo it all again to unlock a new brawler? Well if so, then you are in luck! Nintendo have announced that they will be doing a special Nintendo Direct Presentation  focusing on Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U next week.


Not much is known about the presentation so far, other than the fact that it will be airing on April 9th. Will we get a new character reveal? Or maybe finally a confirmed release date? No matter what it is, make sure you are watching on by clicking on this link. If you miss it then don’t worry, we will have all the news soon after the presentation finishes so as always, stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the Smash Bros. news as it becomes available.

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