Smash Bros. News from Today’s Nintendo Direct.

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Super Smash Bros. is without a doubt, Nintendo‘s big-gun for 2014. Coming out on both the 3DS and Wii U means that gamers everywhere will be picking up a Nintendo device, booting up and throwing down with the infamous roster of characters. As if hype wasn’t already at fever pitch, today’s Nintendo Direct Presentation was 45 minutes of uninterrupted awesomeness with a tonne of new information being dished out. So much info was given out, that we have compiled it all into an easy to read list! So enjoy:

  • The 3DS version of the game will be released this Winter (in Australia)
  • The Wii U version will be released in time for Christmas.
  • The 3DS version will run at a lock 60fps, even when in 3d.¬†Some assist trophies will only run at 30fps, but characters will stick to the steady 60.
  • Online play will have two modes – “For Glory,” and “For Fun.” Basically ranked and unranked matches
    • For Fun mode will randomly pick stages (except for Final Destination), all items will have a chance to appear, and the only data recorded will be your number of victories.
    • For Glory is 1v1 only, and places players on the Final Destination stage with no items. Additionally, both wins and losses will be recorded.


  • When playing online, there will be certain penalties imposed for unsportsmanlike conduct. Things such as constantly dropping out, or unfair targeting of a particular player will cause your overall rank to go down, making it harder to find matches.
  • Stages will differ between versions, but some series staples (like Battlefield, or Final Destination) will appear on both, with visual differences between the two.
    • On the 3DS version, each stage will have 2 different music tracks.
    • On the Wii U version, each stage has an enormous library of music to pick from.
  • There will be new items, assist trophies and Pokemon. One new item; The Masterball will only summon rare and legendary pokemon. The original Pokeball returns, and has pokemon like Meowth and Staryu (that first appeared in the original Smash Bros.) all the way to Fennekin.
  • There will be no transformation characters. This means that Shiek and Zero Suit Samus are now their own character, separate from Zelda and Samus.
    • Zero Suit Samus has undergone a serious redesign, including rocket-boots and a brand new character model
  • The game has been rebalanced. All characters have had tweaks to their moveset, and many Final Smash attacks have been altered.
    • Kirby now summons a giant sword as his Final Smash
    • Lucario’s Final Smash is MegaEvolving into MegaLucario
    • Pit now uses the Three Sacred Treasures for his final Smash
    • Megaman summons other iterations of himself from across space and time such as(Megaman X, Megaman.Exe, etc)
  • Some stages and areas will have Boss enemies. The Dr. Wily Stage will have the Yellow Demon, who when defeated will cause a massive explosion on-screen (similar to the Smart Bomb item).
    • Ridley was also teased to be a boss character on the Pyrosphere stage


  • Smash Run – a new 3DS exclusive mode that takes inspiration from Subspace Emissary and puts up to 4 players on a massive interlocking stage where they will defeat enemies like Shy Guys and Kremlings to earn bonuses for the upcoming battle. Speed, Strength etc can all get boosted this way depending on what items players pick up.
  • Each stage has a unique “Final Destination,” version.
  • You will be able to customise certain moves of your characters for use in local multiplayer. For example; Mario’s fireball can be made smaller and faster, or bigger and slower, depending on how you want to play.
  • Three new characters were announced for the game, bringing the current roster count up to 29:
    • Yoshi is making a return, and his movement style and model have been brought more up to par with his current designs.
    • Charizard is returning, without the Pokemon Trainer to command him.
      • Charizard MegaEvolves into MegaCharizard X as his Final Smash.
    • Greninja is joining the battle, and will use his speed and agility to overwhelm the competition.


Was that enough information for you? Well if you wanted a closer look at all the features, as well as some of the move sets for the characters, then we have embedded the video below. Skip ahead to the 38 minute mark for the beginning of the presentation. After you have checked it out, let us know in the comments below which new features have you the most excited for the game and don’t forget to stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the Smash Bros. news as it becomes available.

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