“Sentai Filmworks” Licenses “No Game, No Life”

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Congratulations to “Sentai Filmworks” – an American anime publisher and distributor – for acquiring the publication and distribution license for the brand-new anime series “No Game, No Life“. The series – which is airing as part of the Spring anime season – follows the adventures of two gamers who just so happen to be siblings. Bored of normal gaming, their wish for a greater pleasure is granted by a young-looking God who teleports them to a world where games mean everything.


In this world the witty survive and the siblings quickly find that this is truly a place they can thrive in. So far “Sentai Filmworks” have only noted that they have plans to release it on home video but no approximate date was detailed. For fans who cannot wait that long, you can watch the series now on “Crunchyroll” but make sure to support “Sentai Filmworks” once a home video version is released.

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