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From Tactical Shooters to Hardcore 2D Platformers
Reverb Continues to Discover Hidden Indie Treasures

Twain Harte, CA – March 8, 2013 – Reverb announced today its exceptional line-up of games for this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East 2014 (April 11-13), each demonstrating the high-quality, amazing breadth, and tremendous creativity of its hand-selected indie game developers. Reverb’s PAX East booth #980 will feature five playable indie titles, as well as debut a new gameplay trailer from the upcoming re-imagined, classic NES, adventure game Shadowgate.

“Uncovering amazing indie game developers and building their success is a very rewarding experience,” said Tracie Snitker, president and co-founder of Reverb. “Working closely with developers to construct custom go-to-market strategies while building awareness of these talented developers has been a hallmark of what we do at Reverb. Gamers at PAX East are going to have a blast playing these indie titles.”

PAX East gamers can gets hands-on with the following titles at Reverb’s Booth #980:

  • Fenix RageGreen Lava Studios (PC, next-gen consoles): Making its public debut, Fenix Rage (formerly Project Phoenix) is a stylish and intensely addictive 2D platformer that will have gamers exclaim in frustration and exulting in victory as they navigate through hundreds of palm-sweating levels to reach… a cookie?! Best played with unwavering focus and a glass of milk.
  • Shadowrun OnlineCliffhanger Productions (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android): Experience the online version of one of the most successful pen and paper RPGs ever. Set in the dystopian year 2075 where magic meets technology, players can now experience Shadowrun with friends as they live life on the edge, facing off against tons of enemies, fighting diabolical corporations and gangs, and struggling to stay alive while doing the most dangerous job of all: Shadowrunner.
  • Aerena – Clash of ChampionsCliffhanger Productions (PC, Mac, iOS, Android): Aerena is a hero-centric cross-platform combat game with tactical gameplay and set in a unique Aetherpunk world. To gain control of the precious element of Aether, nations around the world compete in ‘The Games’ where the best and brightest clash in explosive arena battles. Gamers command formidable Champions, employ powerful Aether Shells, and challenge their brains in the strategic, turn-based yet fast-paced combat.
  • INSURGENCYNew World Interactive (PC, Mac): The highly acclaimed indie tactical shooter, INSURGENCY will be showcasing its first major content update since its January launch at PAX East. Molotov Spring features two new maps, four new game modes, all new cooperative missions, an expanded arsenal, and more than 10 new achievements. Built on Valve’s Source Engine, INSURGENCY supports up to 32-person multiplayer and six-player cooperative play.
  • Edge of SpaceHandyman Studios (PC, Linux): An open-world and dynamically generated sandbox survival-adventure game where players explore and collect precious resources as every piece of ore mined is used to fabricate essential survival gear. Gamers build base structures while simultaneously fighting against a vast array of deadly monsters including Laser Sharks, Artilibears, and deadly-quick Jet Pack Space Penguins.  Edge of Space will debut a major update at PAX East that includes integration of PIOS base building and the long-awaited terraforming system.
  • ShadowgateZojoi LLC. (PC, Mac, Android, iOS): The classic NES first-person adventure game is re-imagined for long-time fans and a whole new generation of gamers. The creators of the original Shadowgate merge the mind-bending puzzles of the original with ingenious conundrums and amazing fantasy environments. Illustrated in stunning fashion and featuring both an epic orchestral and the original NES soundtrack, the world of Shadowgate comes alive like never before – filled with magic, mythical creatures and foreboding dungeons.
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