Reign Of Bullets Arriving On The PC Soon

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Reign Of Bullets, the upcoming title from indie developers Critical Bit, is planned for a PC release soon, with the Mac and Linux versions being under development.

Fight your way through the hordes of drones as you pilot through the different levels, gaining epic loots to alter and modify your ride. The more you play and progress, the better your ship becomes. The weapon choices in this game are large, and with that allows a lot of customization for each unique player. Do you want heat seeking missiles? Targeting lasers? High single-shot damage or large bullet spreads? This 2D shoot-em-up title features a Campaign mode and an Endless mode, where you’ll be taking in non-stop action.


The game will be available for the PC first, and the Mac and Linux versions are in development. The title is currently on the Steam Greenlight program. For more information, check out their Steam page here and their official site here. Also, check out their trailer for Reign Of Bullets.


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