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History Repeats Itself in New Thriller From Legendary Game Designer Jane Jensen — Can You Decipher the Pattern?

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 15, 2014 – Phoenix Online Publishing™ has today released the critically acclaimed paranormal mystery adventure game Moebius: Empire Rising for PC and Mac. Players can enjoy this all-new tale by Jane Jensen, creator of the Gabriel Knight® video game series (and hailed as “the Agatha Christie of adventure games”), for just $29.99 via Phoenix Online’s website (, Steam, GOG and other online stores.

A sophisticated, story-driven interactive thriller, Moebius: Empire Rising is the first in an original series of titles from renowned game designer and novelist Jane Jensen. Her award-winning Gabriel Knight adventures have been ranked among the best games of all-time, and her 2003 sci-fi novel Dante’s Equation was nominated for the Philip K. Dick award. After nearly a decade designing casual games based on franchises such as Agatha Christie and James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club, Jensen appealed to her fans on Kickstarter and crowdfunded more than $435k to make Moebius: Empire Rising. These funds were used to develop the game in partnership with indie team Phoenix Online Studios, which is publishing the title under its new publishing label.

Moebius is the story of Malachi Rector, a brilliant antiques dealer and historian whose photographic memory and eye for deduction transforms locations and clues into interactive puzzle pieces and historical patterns. A secretive government agency has tapped Malachi for an unusual assignment: fly to Venice and assess whether a recently murdered woman resembles a particular historical figure. As Malachi soon learns, this seemingly innocuous request is linked to a powerful paranormal theory the U.S. government will protect at any cost — and the more he discovers, the greater danger he faces.

Enter David Walker, a former Special Forces operative Malachi randomly encounters in his travels. David’s exactly the wingman Malachi needs: calm under pressure, an experienced bodyguard, and good with a gun. In fact, the typically distrustful Malachi can’t shake the feeling he’s known David all his life. But as Malachi learns more about the Moebius Theory and his unwitting role in history, even their growing bond might not be enough to protect him..

With its narrative- and puzzle-driven gameplay, Moebius: Empire Rising draws you into Jensen’s signature storytelling as only a video game can. Piece together the links between past and present to discover the secrets the government is hell-bent on hiding. In addition to today’s PC and Mac versions, Moebius will release later this year for iPad, Linux and Android.

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About Jane Jensen & Pinkerton Road

Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes founded Pinkerton Road in 2012 to create narrative games for tablet and desktop computers. A game designer and writer, Jane is best known for her work on the Gabriel Knight® adventure games and hidden object games such as Dying for Daylight. Robert is a composer, producer, musician, and strategic digital marketing executive whose music has appeared in numerous video games. The studio’s first projects are Moebius: Empire Rising, a Kickstarted adventure game released for PC and Mac in April 2014, and the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers® 20th anniversary edition. The studio has also released a children’s ebook, Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure™, for iPad. To learn more, visit Follow Jane on Twitter @jensen_jane.

About Phoenix Online Publishing — Every Game Has a Story™

Phoenix Online Publishing is a new independent video game publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and cutting-edge story-driven titles to market worldwide in every genre and across the full range of gaming platforms and devices. Providing game makers with business management, marketing, media and digital/retail distribution services, the company is committed to providing a platform for bringing titles with rich storytelling and atmosphere to life. Designed by indie game developers for indie game developers, Phoenix Online Publishing operates in parallel with Phoenix Online Studios, an award-winning game development studio (The Silver Lining, Cognition), and maintains a global network of development, publishing and distribution partners. More information about Phoenix Online Publishing can be found on the company’s website,

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