New Etherium Trailer Provides First Look at All Factions

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Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive (Stellar Impact) pulled the curtains back on the final two races in the upcoming RTS Etherium. The first trailer took a look at the human faction called the Consortium. The new trailer entitled “War Begins” looks at the Vectides and the Intari factions. All three factions duke it out in two newly revealed planets, the icy Arctis and the volcanic Pilo, in the new trailer.

Etherium is an upcoming RTS that will pit three factions against each other for control of the precious resource called etherium. Not only are the factions battling amongst themselves for survival, the harsh weather and the environment can just as easily cause a mighty army’s downfall. Etherium features a non-linear solo campaign, multiplayer support, three unique factions, and a dynamic weather system.

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