Kick-Heart Creator Directs Episode of Adventure Time

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With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human…wait

You read it right folks, the creator of the Kickstarter funded short Kick-Heart, and now director of the Ping Pong anime, Masaaki Yuasa  has turned his talents towards Western animation. An upcoming episode of Adventure Time, entitled Food Chain, was written, storyboarded and directed by Yuasa, adding his personal flair into an already bizarre series.

A sneak peek of the episode has been released, revealing that the episode will centre around Finn and Jake as they learn about the majesty of the food chain, with a little help from Magic Man…though wherever he’s concerned the word “help” is completely subjective.

So check out the video below and see what Yuasa adds to the world of Adventure Time. Seriously, check it out. It’s weird in an awesome sort of way…damn Magic Man.

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