Evolve 4v1 Multi-Channel Trailer Teased for April 24

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A new teaser trailer for Turtle Rock Studios and 2K‘s next-gen multiplayer action-shooter Evolve – which you can view embedded at the bottom of this article – gives us a short glimpse of the interactive, multi-channel trailer going live on April 24.

From that date, gamers will be able to watch the trailer online, viewing gameplay footage from the perspective of each of the characters involved in a vicious 4v1 battle. For those unaware, in Evolve, a team of four players take on the roles of different specialist s- tweaks on the archetypical ‘support’, ‘heavy’ and so on – as they face a fifth, who embodies a giant, evolving monster. Happy hunting indeed. Evolve is scheduled for launch in Q3 of this year.

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