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Combat Taken to New Heights

Combat Arms update brings new skyscraper map and in-game items

Luxembourg, 17th April 2014: Today, Nexon Europe has the pleasure to announce a brand new map for Combat Arms, the enormously popular online multiplayer shooter, along with a series of new items to mark the occasion.

Crystal Tower Trailer:

The city’s business centre holds a number of banking and financial institutions, one of which has been overtaken by an armed group of men. Although their ultimate goal is unknown, from inside the building they will have access to the server and could wreak havoc in the national economy. They have placed the doors under heavy guard, leaving only one entrance to the building’s liberators – the tower walkways that perilously connect the skyscrapers…

This is the Crystal Tower. The new map has been designed for the optimum combat experience; combining hazardous heights, breakable surfaces, multi-level action both inside and out, and perfect positioning for both tense sniper battles and close-range indoor chaos, the new environment brings players all their favourite elements of the frenetic FPS in one location. The walkway can be traversed by a number of routes, such as the roof, the tower bridge and the air vents, each pushing players to use a different combat style and think in a different way.

The new map was voted for by Combat Arms players in a global poll; three maps were on offer, with a space station and desert hole besides the eventual winner. Ultimately, the Crystal Tower gained 43% of the player vote, leading to its creation.

“We’re constantly listening to player feedback,” said Kyle Lee, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “In offering the community a range of choices, we were able to let them decide where to take the game next and I’m pleased bring them exactly what they have asked for!”

Since Europe is being celebrated in the month of May, new in-game items that are based around this theme are also available as part of the update.

Showing off the beret and headset combo with a backpack that has been tagged with EU insignia, players can wear the flag of Europe with pride as they storm the Glass Building and take down their enemies!

For more information, to register, and to play Combat Arms, please visit the official game website at and the official Facebook page

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About Combat Arms
Combat Arms is a fast-paced, multiplayer shooter, designed for non-stop action on various battlefields, recruiting players to get engaged with their opponents in multiple game modes. Whilst integrating the traditional attributes of the FPS genre, Combat Arms advances it further by evolving a whole new set of striking features allowing character customisation as well as weapon modification, enabling the player to adjust their weapons with attachments such as scopes, silencers, and extended magazines. An additional eye-catching feature is the unique backpack system, which allows players to combine a set of multiple weapons from the extensive armoury for a more sophisticated combat experience on the battlefield. Moreover, the extensive community features within the game actively support the clan system, where players can easily recruit, manage, and communicate with their other clan members.

About Nexon Europe
Established in March 2007, Nexon Europe is one of the leading publishers of free-to-play MMOs in Europe. The company brought the worldwide hit casual MMORPG MapleStory to Europe in May 2007, and the successful FPS Combat Arms in January 2009. With the launch of the 3D action MMORPG Vindictus in 2011, Nexon Europe has strengthened its position as a promising publisher in Europe. Next to these in-house franchises, Nexon Europe was also able to acquire and fully operate Atlantica Online, an innovative, tactical MMORPG; Dekaron, an authentic action MMORPG set in a grim fantasy universe; and the action-packed FPS War Rock. The newest additions to its growing portfolio are Navy Field 2 alongside the legendary FPS game Counter-Strike Online in Turkey. For 2014, the company’s first browser-based full-scale MMORPG Arcane Chronicles and fun-packed, action fighting game Lost Saga will join as new line-ups. For more information on Nexon Europe and its games, please visit the official website at

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