Club Nintendo Updates With Super Mario World, Mario Golf, and More!

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Need a new shirt with Yoshi on it? How about riding a Yoshi? Well, you can do both if you have the coins. Nintendo have been updating their catalog at Club Nintendo as of late, and have added four digital titles as well as some Yoshi merchandise. Now, the Yoshi merch (which is a shirt and a cleaning cloth) have both been up for over a week now, but hey, I’m sure someone didn’t catch it yet. If you haven’t seen our review for Yoshi’s New Island, you can also do that here by the way.

As for the newly added games, Super Mario World has been added for 200 coins (Wii U), along with Mario Golf (N64 Version for the Wii Virtual Console) for 250, Trajectile on the 3DS for 200, and Art Academy: First Semester rounding things off at 200 as well. I do notice the prices are slow climbing for these digital releases, but hey – free is free and you should make haste on adding these titles to your collection today.

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