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black-lagoon-volume-1-coverAs you may have heard, this weekend Black Lagoon will be debuting on television in North America during Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. Well while FUNimation may own the rights to the anime, Viz Media has been handling the manga for quite some time and to commemorate this television debut Viz has announced that they are going to be holding a limited time sale for both digital and physical copies of the Black Lagoon manga.

For a limited time, ending on April 2nd, Black Lagoon Volume 1 through Volume 9 will be $2 off on digital platforms, meaning they will cost $6.99 a piece and can be downloaded either through the company’s website or the multiple e-reader devices that Viz supports. As for the physical copies of the book, they are all available for order at 40% off their standard price of $12.99, lowering the price of each volume to $7.79, and can be ordered through Barnes and Noble’s website.

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  • Αγγελος

    Could Rei
    Hiroe(he’s the creator of Black Lagoon)explain us what exactly happened to Rock’s parents?
    Are they alive,or something horrible has happened to them?Their absence gives me the odd feeling that Kageyama might have orderd their murder,and that should look as “accident” just for a cover-up.Whatever happened we have to
    know,if the latter did will Rock find the truth?Will Revy stay on his side
    cementing and admitting her love for
    him?I want nice developments between Revy and Rock.Revy and Rock!I love them.
    Questions we ought to think,and Hiroe has to
    answer for:Were the Okajima’s told their son “was dead”?If so what was their
    reaction?Did they demand explanations about Rock’s “death”,and compensations as well?About how much far would the unscrupulous (and maybe trickster!)Kageyama go just to ensure the dirty deals and cover ups of Asahi industries?!
    Even ordering a murder that would seem as “accident”?!
    You see, in the last episode of “Black Lagoon :RBT” Rock states that somewhere on this planet
    someone outdid him and that he can’t save anyone.That’s why he needs to see to them,for a “You have our blessings ,we love you son”.But if turns out they were killed in a tragic “accident” arranged by Kageyama?Guys like him say it so callously:“The cause justifies the
    means,and we have to save our company!”,” because he is estranged from his
    parents and whole of Japan is our advantage for the final cover up.We ‘Ill get rid of the pests Okajima’s.Rock will never know what happened ,and even if after years he will..
    this won’t help him to gather evidence against us!”

    So Rock has to say it:“Now I know I am an
    orphan,like Garcia.Revy,if I don’t do something for my parents now- were I am
    healthy,strong ,in one piece-then it will never happen.”!
    As for Revy,what will happen if suddenly she recognizes the policeman who raped her?
    I guess she would kill him,and I am OK with that,but if he’s under the protection
    of the US government for “a great cause”.”Don’t you dare touch him,Revy!He’s an
    asset for the US interests”,Eda might say.

    Hm,will the Iranians enter Roanapur?I don’t think Balalaika would
    be pleased to encounter Qassem Suleimani.He’s so Tough,so tricky!

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