Psycho-Pass 2 Trailer Streamed and Film Announced

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In a surprising move during noitaminA’s 10th Anniversary event, the expected sequel to sci-fi anime Psycho-Pass not only received a trailer, which you can check out below, but a movie has also been announced. More info has been added to the official website.

Psycho-Pass 2 will be aired during the fall season in October this year while the anime film is penciled in for winter. To amp up the hype and re-jog our memories, a newly edited recap of 11 episodes from the first season will air in July.

Taking place in the future, Psycho-Pass is set in a society that can now  measure a person’s tendency to commit a crime as well as decide an individual’s employment prospects. The story is centered around enforcement officer Shinya Kougami and detective Akane Tsunemori.

psycho-pass-part-one-screenshot- (3)

If you haven’t seen our reviews for the first season, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 published by Funimation.

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