Nintendo of Europe Announces Advance Wars port for the Wii U Virtual Console

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Absolutely lovely. When we first heard news that the Wii U was going to start offering Game Boy Advance titles on the eShop‘s Virtual Console, we were both excited and confused as the 3DS had already shown us it could too power the much loved favorites. Today, Nintendo of Europe tweeted out that Advance Wars would be coming to the service as of April 3rd , and while we still don’t know if the 3DS will be shown the love, we have come to terms with the idea as this classic should bode well on the Wii U.

Now, this should all but confirm that the U.S. (and maybe Australia?) will be seeing the same love on their Wii Us, but it is still wonderful news either way and something to look forward to as we await the huge releases for the console later in the year.

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