New Screenshots Released for Etherium

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Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive, the studio that created Stellar Impact, has just released another series of screenshot of their upcoming title Etherium.

The futuristic real-time strategy game will feature three unique factions: the Consortium, the Council, and the Clones. Each are unique in their own way and will complement certain styles of gameplay. The new screenshots available will highlight some of the maps and game environments that players can expect from this title. Environmental hazards are a real thing in this game which can affect your buildings as the weather changes.


The solo campaign in this game is non-linear, meaning that you get to decide what decisions you make and what paths you take when progressing. There are 7 different planets with different environments, which means that you’ll have to tailor your strategy to fit with each of those environments.

For more information on this PC game, check out their site here.


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