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Kill la Kill
Episode 23: Imitation Gold

Despite the incalculable power boosts Ryuko and Satsuki have received throughout the series, two people do not make an army. Besides, they’re kind of gunning for the big bad, which leaves legions of COVERS to deal with, including the brand new Colossal COVER introduced last episode. Now if only the Kamui clad sisters had a group of supporters boiling with passion, determination and strength…Oh wait, they totally have that. So with devotion in their minds and love in their hearts, it’s time for everybody to stand up and fight.

So first things first: Mako is awesome! Though if you didn’t know that by now you really haven’t been paying attention to the show. Decked out in her bancho gear once more, this upbeat slacker proceeds to decimate the opposing forces of evil. Wasn’t it cool when Gamagoori used 9 vacuum tubes to save students? Well Mako stepped it up 111 fold. That’s not even me being facetious, she literally wielded 999 of the damn things and took down the giant COVERS soldier in one strike. Ridiculously awesome. I loved the fact that, after all this time, Mako got a chance to shine once more. I know she’s always interrupting episodes to monologue and save the day, but seeing her physically interact with the world was a nice change. Besides, we already knew that she could fight, so I’m glad to see that the series didn’t waste such a valuable combatant. In addition to her reattained power, Mako also got the chance to showcase her unbelievable willpower and strength of character. Though she fought alone, not once did she falter, not once did she stop. Her faith in her friend, or at least the Ryuko she envisions in her head, drove her to stand again and again in the face of adversity. So don’t anybody say that she’s only the plucky comedic relief. You got that? Also how cool is her Goku Uniform? Very…the answer is very.


The Elite Four fight together once more!

But don’t think for a second that Mako is the only one who got the chance to gear up one last time. Showing just why he’s in the series, Iori sewed like a beast and produced more Goku Uniforms than you could ever need for a climactic battle against an extra terrestrial foe whose sole purpose is to consume the entirety of the human race and utilise them as a fuel source for the continuation of their species…whew. As if you ever doubted they would return, the Elite Four is back in black and sporting a serious power boost. Though once the greatest opponents of the series, the Four had kind of taken a back seat to the unfolding Kiryuin family fiasco, so it was nice to see them return in all their glory. Combining the powers of Life Fibres with the “practicality” of Senketsu’s contact reducing design, these new uniforms serve as a visual representation of all that has been learned throughout the series. A fact also expressed by their climactic rebrandings: Blade Regalia: Secret Unsealed, Symphony Regalia: Finale, Probe Regalia: Truth Unveiled, Shackle Regalia: Persona Unleashed.

The crucial fight against the mother of all evil also serves to show us all just how much Ryuko and Satsuki have improved. Thought it mightn’t have seemed that way when Ryuko was bisected, it was an inherently brilliant, and unbelievably risky, plan. A plan that was only able to be instigated due to Inumuta’s discovery that slicing Fibre from two sides hinders regeneration. See, that’s why this series is awesome. No matter the situation, it isn’t only the protagonist who gets a chance to shine. Good job Inumuta. I was also surprised that there was no kind of discretion shot used when Ryuko was sliced apart. I know the series isn’t afraid to show blood, but damn. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining in the slightest, it’s just not every day that you see the hero so brutally taken down. Even if it was a hoax. Brilliantly executed if I might add, showcasing the bond forming between the Kiryuin sisters as well as Ryuko’s classic anime defying practicality. Rather than the classic “Defeat guard (Ragyo) then true boss (Original Life Fibre)” strategy, Ryuko just went “Screw it” and lunged for the Fibre. Not only did it unnerve their opponent, and infuriate her, it gave NudistBeach a chance to help save the world. Even naked, humanity still has a fighting chance.


Unconditional motherly hatred

The tempestuous Kiryuin reunion also served to show just how well Satsuki understands the world and her place within it. Though we’ve always seen her speak of the planet in derogatory terms, this was the first time she ever turned that viewpoint on herself. Fully aware that she is weaker than her sister she refuses to give up, asserting her strength as a human. It’s this display of pure determination that made her trademark step all the sweeter this time around. Rather than a display of dominance, it was one of defiance. One that resonated with her beloved Elite Four, leading to a combat reunion of unbridled awesomeness, one that paralleled the combat return of Mako. If ever there was a rag tag group you could bet the world one, these would be the guys, “Cause not making any sense is kinda our thing.” Couldn’t have said it better myself Ryuko.

I also want to acknowledge a very brief moment in the episode that supports the Mako x Gamagoori relationship. When it appeared that Ryuko was defeated, Mako clung to Gamagoori’s leg as she screamed to the sky. Also before leaving to support Satsuki, Gamagoori took the time to put Mako’s fallen hat back on her head. Only a brief moment, but one that speak volumes for the budding relationship between the two. Now I’m not one for ridiculous shipping scenarios, but the series has kinda hinted towards this for a while. What a power couple they’d make.

After an expressly long period where all she did was monologue and essentially molest her daughters, Ragyo finally takes to the battlefield. Well, she’s kinda forced onto it but whatever. Expectedly, she is no pushover and puts both Ryuko and Satsuki through their paces. However, rather than fighting them unarmed, she draws two blades from the bowels of the Original Life Fibre to help her out. Which, by the way, possesses a sentience that drives it to consume humans. Terrifying. Now, I don’t want to give Ragyo’s ideas any creedence, but these new blades do kind of support her “Everything was born of Life Fibre” theory. On account of the Scissor Blades being based off of these newly introduced Needle Blades. That being said, it’s kind of refreshing (in a twisted way) to see a villain who isn’t full of hot air when they speak. A majority of what she has said so far has indeed been true, mainly the whole “Life Fibre forged evolution” thing. That one was kind of a big deal. Though ultimately she will be wrong where it really counts. She will not win. At least, we all hope she won’t win. Wouldn’t it be surprising if she did? Also unequivocally depressing…I hope she doesn’t win.


To a better tomorrow!

We’re almost the folks, one more episode before we reached the end and, with what’s been revealed so far, it’s going to be one hell of an end. Though the Original Life Fibre has been destroyed, the Ultimate Kamui remains. Donned by Ragyo herself, this unholy unison of Life Fibre domination and human subservience stand as the final obstacle to freedom. As our heroes are joined by an army of old faces, it’s time for humanity to make one final push for victory and bring down the one who would force us to die. Let the finale begin!

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