A friendship reborn

Kill la Kill
Episode 22: Tell Me How You Feel

She did it! Through sheer willpower and a lot of help from the powers of love and friendship, our dear Ryuko managed to break the brutal mind control of Ragyo and regain herself. I know the whole “love and friendship” thing is cliche at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less touching. Anyway, with everybody back on the right sides of good and evil and last week‘s depressing glimpse into the heart of madness behind us, it’s time to start the real fight. You know, the one for the fate of humanity.

First of all, that’s a lot of blood. Well technically it’s the right amount of blood, by anime standards at least, it just a little more…outside of Ryuko than it should be. To add to this overall terrifying scene, in this replay we get to witness the pupils of Junketsu shrink in unbelievable pain. Being torn to pieces will do that I suppose. Look, I know he’s a horribly violent garment that has tried to essentially eat his wearers alive, but still, I couldn’t help but feel for the guy…pain I mean. So much pain. Also watching him crawl away in tatters was equal parts gratifying and depressing, mainly due to the mystery behind Junketsu. As the only other Kamui in the series, he really hasn’t seen a great deal of fleshing out. Though I suppose it does a great job of presenting him as an antithesis to Senketsu. Though ultimately these points are now moot as, after a healthy does of Ryuko’s blood and Senketsu’s fibres, Junketsu is now loyal to Satsuki. The transfusion process also left Junketsu able to utilise Senketsu’s repertoire of transformations, which is one hell of a cool side effect if you ask me.


Beware the cute ones…

With Ryuko rightfully wearing Senketsu once more and the blood of Mako and Satsuki now flowing through his threads, they are now more powerful than ever before. Which is really handy considering the situation. The most obvious example of their newfound power would have to be the return of Senketsu Senjin’s claws. Unlike last time, these blades are now able to withstand the force of the Scissor Blades and serve as an effective weapon until Ryuko takes back her father’s weapon from Nui…with extreme prejudice. Would it be wrong for me to say that Nui was disarmed? Probably. But I’ll say it anyway because it’s funny. It is also at this moment that we learn a little more about the true power of the Scissor. Able to halt the regenerative properties of Life Fibres, the weapon will surely be useful in the fight against foes who are entirely comprised of said Life Fibres. Don’t you just love it when things work out? I’d also like to draw attention to Nui’s overall inadequacy when compared to Ryuko. Despite her existence as a sort of anti-Life Fibre being, she has progressively lost her edge as the series continued onwards and Ryuko gained power. Even though she possessed both Scissor Blades, she was bested by Ryuko and subsequently maimed. Another interesting fact is that Ryuko’s half of the Scissor did not change to purple in Nui’s grasp, hinting that she was not able to unify the pieces. Ultimately though it was her rage that once again saw her downfall. She makes some really stupid choices when she’s angry.

After netting a brief respite from the carnage, we are presented with a surprising amount of character development. Having finally understood the truth of her world, Ryuko realises that the greatest part of her life is the bat-crap crazy people who call her a friend. It might sound a little tite, but everybody needs something to fight for. Better yet, something to live for. It is this very same notion that presents Mako and Senketsu as parallels to the Elite Four, each of whom are loyal to the point of insanity, willing to lay down their lives for the one they care for the most. Continuing this train of thought, Ryuko realises that she and Satsuki are not that different after all, a sign of the familial relationship forming between them. Not long after, the boundary crossing Mankanshoku’s sparked a beautiful moment where everybody sat down to a meal together. To be honest it was nice to see Satsuki finally reveal the true extent of her personality, spending most of the meal (and the episode in fact) smiling. The softening of her fearful visage served as the final sign that she has always been a good person beneath it all and is now wholeheartedly a Nudist. There was also an undeniable sense of poetry present when Satsuki bowed before Ryuko. Having stood above everyone for so long, it was reaffirming to her character to see see this compassionate and respectful side of her. Also during this moment, Satsuki once again shone with the blinding radiance of her former tyrannical self. Only this time it was different. Rather than for the purpose of intimidation, it was used to express the truly overwhelming sense of charisma that has always defined her. It was truly the first time she had ever earned that light…and it was magnificent.


One big happy family…strange, but happy

Speaking of visages, we also got the chance to see Ryuko’s tender side, something usually overshadowed by the layers and layers of rage and disbelief. Having been reunited with one of her dearest friends, Ryuko immediately falls back into her habits with Senketsu. Though let’s be honest her, we all know that their snide comments and jokes are all just manifestations of the love they feel for each other. Heck, Senketsu was moved to tears by Ryuko’s words. Twice. In addition to this and despite her most vehement denial, Satsuki’s words struck a cord with our heroine, allowing her to slowly accept her new family. A drastic change from her previously all consuming hatred for the former Hannouji President. Seriously, how cute was it when Ryuko stumbled over calling Satsuki “Sis”? So cute.

As the situation grows ever more dire, we finally learn the true scale of Ragyo’s plan. Essentially, the multi coloured psychopath wants Earth to wear clothing. Which will in turn cause it to explode and spread the Life Fibre menace to other unfortunate worlds. Remember when this show was about a girl trying to avenge her dad? It was so much simpler back then. Though I have to admit I really didn’t think Ragyo was being literal when she spoke about making the world wear clothes. That was somewhat surprising. It’s also a rather interesting revelation in that the Life Fibres systematic domination of planets is little more than their reproductive cycle. A twisted, genocidal cycle, but nature works in mysterious ways. Especiially space nature, that stuff is crazy.


Sisterhood of the Kamui

So with our heroes en route to kick the everloving crap out of their insane mother, next episode is sure to be filled with all sorts of familial chaos. Plus, Fight Club President Mako is back and raring to go. See, this is why I love this series. When there’s a chance for something awesome to happen, it just takes it. That being said, these choices are also often the smartest course of action. Who wouldn’t utilise the enemies materials to empower their own forces. That’s just simple strategy. And one that will hopefully help keep Earth nude…you know what I mean.

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