Us here at Capsule Computers do our very best to bring you news as it breaks and I’m very excited to relay some news that Namco Bandai games have just begun streaming a brilliant, 13 minute promotional video regarding their upcoming action/brawler title “J-Stars Victory Vs“.

Today we brought you some news of a series of short character-specific trailers that were released for the game but, this time around, we’ve been gifted with an incredible video which showcases each and every one of the 52 characters that are playable as both fighting types or support types within this game.  From “Dragon Ball Z” to “Fist Of The North Star”, this video shows everything!

This game is looking absolutely incredible and to be able to see this much of it all in one video is absolutely fantastic! Head down below to our featured video section to watch the “J-Stars Victory Vs.” 13 minute promotional video and don’t forget that it is planned to be released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on the 19th of March. Enjoy the video!

(Source: Youtube – Namco Bandai Games)

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