Enemy Front Releases New Trailer, Warsaw Uprising

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CI Games has recently released their newest trailer for their upcoming title, Enemy Front.

The title will be available for purchase this June for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC. This teaser reveals the horror and destruction caused during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, the largest military resistance of WWII. This area and event will be one of the major locations for players to discover as they battle the Nazi forces. In Enemy Front, players can choose to progress through levels with stealth, brute force, or cunning.

Check out our hands-on impression of the game during the Namco Bandai New Years Event here, and make sure to watch the trailer below.

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  • Nagato

    This trailer shows us true but terrible facts from Warsaw Uprisng. Honestly? I knocked on my knees. I think it is nice to Polish studio do game about history his country. I’m very interested how Enemy Front looks like after release.

  • CBR600

    I agree it frightening part of the story and not only Polish but also wherever they came Nazis. Strong teaser. To wait until June.

    • yes i think its worth getting … cant wait to play it myself ~MA

  • Nagato

    Yes I agree thease teaser is strong. CI Games shows us new gameplay which looks much better because shows combat styles. I wait to June too. I’m interesting what will be in pre-order;)

    • yes this is a must buy i think something new and fresh to try out ~MA

  • Trailer

    New gameplay, great. It’s great that they showed us combat styles. We know what we can have in the game, and the more you will be able to choose between them … gearing up fun 🙂

  • Rahim

    I wish June was now, the Warsaw Uprising has happened from August to October, this year will take place in June, and it is precisely on June 10! singleplayer mode may be longer than the creators of it might seem. I am thirsty games that are based on WWII.

  • Nestfix

    To @Rahim I think you have a right because if we want to finished games in all possible ways then game will be much longer than developers think. To @Trailer: I’m very interested how changing combat techniques will looks in reality.

  • moreThanZero666

    Developers said that the player will have the opportunity to choose their own style, their paths, so is unlikely to be imposed from the top you have to do what you can … obviously moments where it is planned, such as the sabotage we have no exit, but press for the possibility of interfering the environment we will be able to sabotage.

  • Nestfix

    Yes I agree with you moreThanZero666. It will benice if we will have a choice in all situations and mission. I would have to dispel these doubts but unfortunately to release date we must wait 2 months 😛

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